The Modern Car Battery Charger and Jump Starters

What You Should Know About the Modern Car Battery Charger and Jump Starters


car battery chargerWhat if the most common malfunction on an automobile could be quickly and cheaply fixed without any outside help with a car battery charger or jumper box?

On average, 30% of the problems a vehicle will encounter over its lifetime originate from the battery.

While these problems are usually relatively quick fixes, they are also some of the most frustrating (and sometimes even dangerous) problems you will encounter due to their sheer unpredictability.


Fortunately, as I will show, a good auto battery charger or portable jump starter is the perfect solution to these issues.


Being Prepared Can Save Your Life

Or Somebody You Love

Without a doubt, one of the most sickening feelings there is when you are traveling is to turn the key over in your vehicle and hear nothing but lifeless, ominous silence.

At best, you’ll be at the mercy of a stranger with jumper cables or waiting on an expensive service call. At worst, you may be entirely stranded and have to resort to dangerous solutions such as walking or hitchhiking to the nearest service station.

In thirty years as an automotive mechanic, I saw so many unfortunate situations such as this that could have so easily been avoided.

This was my inspiration for creating


It Shouldn’t Have To Happen To You

battery chargerIn the past decade alone, auto battery chargers and portable jumpers have become so effective and inexpensive that there is no reason they shouldn’t be as common an emergency preparation as a spare tire and a tire tool.

There’s no way you would set out on a long trip without the equipment necessary to fix a flat tire.

Yet a dead battery is just as common and serious a problem and so few people have what it takes to deal with this situation.

With today’s innovations in battery chargers and jump packs, there is no reason for this to be the case.

To better illustrate this, let’s take a look at these statistic:

  • On average, the roadside service branch of AAA responds to 400,000 dead battery calls a year.
  • A four year basic membership with AAA roadside assistance will cost a little over $200, but a good auto battery charger that will last many years longer can be purchased for less than $150.
  • 52% of all vehicle breakdowns originate from the battery, compared to only 15% from a flat tire and 34% from all other malfunctions.
  • At 0 ̊ Fahrenheit, a car battery will only operate at 50% efficiency, and at 104 ̊ Fahrenheit will only operate at 60% efficiency, making them even more likely to fail in extreme temperature conditions.

Given all of the above, there is simply no reason auto battery chargers and jump packs should not be standard on every vehicle.

In order to spread information about these issues and to give back to the industry and people I have worked for, I decided to create a site dedicated to reviewing the most effective and affordable auto battery chargers available.

Although I don’t sell any products here, you’ll find in-depth information on a wide variety of battery chargers from several different companies, and, hopefully, be able to find a charger that will work best for you.


Two Different Available Solutions

To deal with battery related issues, there are two different types of products available. To better understand which one will best suit your needs, we’ll take a look at the description, pros, and technical information of both of them.

Micro-StartSolution 1: Portable Jump Starters

These are the emergency devices that can be can be easily stored in the trunk of your car and taken along anywhere you go.

Unlike jumper cables, the power source of a portable jump starter is completely self-contained.

Essentially, they are compact batteries that come in a convenient case with a handle and attached jumper cables and are capable of jumping your battery without relying on drawing power from another vehicle.

Pros of Portable Jump starters:

  • They are highly portable and require no outside power source, meaning they can quickly be employed in any situation.
  • With enough amps, they are capable of jumping even large, diesel engines.
  • Through various adapters, portable jump starters can also be used to charge cell phones, laptops, GPS’s, MP3 players, and a variety of other devices.

Important Information to Considerjnc660featured

When looking into a portable jump starter, the most important thing to consider is the number of amps it can deliver. To give you a better idea what to look for, consider the below chart:

  • 4 cylinder gas and Diesel engine: 160 to 350 amps.
  • 6 cylinder gas and Diesel engine: 210 to 450 amps
  • 8 cylinder gas engine: 250 amps
  • 8 cylinder Diesel engine: 650 amps

By matching a jump starter with your specific engine, you can guarantee that it will work when you need it to.

Most Recommended Portable Jump Starter

While the jump starter that will work best for you may vary depending upon your vehicle and specific needs, the Micro Start PPS is the charger that I personally like the best and is the one I most strongly recommend.


Genius G4Solution 2: Auto Battery Chargers

These are the devices that can be used to charge and maintain the battery of your car before your trip ever begins, ensuring that it is in peak condition when you set out.

Beyond that, they are also great for drastically extending the life of your battery, saving you money in the long run.


Pros for Chargers

  • Trickle chargers can be used to maintain the battery as well as charge it, increasing its life expectancy.
  • Most car battery chargers are almost entirely automated, ensuring a perfect charge every time.
  • Given the durability of these devices, you will probably only ever need to purchase one.

Important Information to Considerbattery-tender-jr

If you are using a car battery charger to jump your vehicle then, like with portable jump starters, the amount of amps delivered is highly important.

Consult the above chart to see how much is required to jump various engines.

A battery can be slow charged, however, with far fewer amps, making the amount of settings and features most important thing to consider on a battery charger.

Look for ones that have the best automation and amp settings to deliver a perfect charge.

Most Recommended Battery Charger

As with portable jump starters, the auto battery charger that works best for you may vary. With that said, however, the charger I like the best and most highly recommend is the NOCO Genius G4.



Purchasing a car battery charger or portable jump starter is one of the smartest decisions you could make as a motorist, and, given recent advances in the technology, it also an enjoyable and cost-efficient decision as well.

If you think one of these devices is what you need to keep your travels safe, I hope you will stick around and check out some of the reviews I have put together.

On top of that, you’ll also find plenty of other useful information here such as how to replace a car battery, how to test a car battery, tips to extend car battery life, and how to tell if your alternator is going out or is it the battery.

I hope you find all of this information car battery chargers and jump boxes helpful, and thanks for visiting!