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My Review of the Go Power! GP-RV-80 80-Watt Solar Kit with 30 Amp Digital Regulator

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  Harnessing the near limitless energy that shines down every day from the sun is an inexpensive and efficient way to power and charge your electronic devices, particularly at locations where electrical outlets are in short supply. With that said, if you are going to rely on solar energy for your next outing, you will need a solar kit that you can trust. While many models are inefficient and fragile, there are a few gems on the market that will...
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My Review of the Anker® 14W Dual-Port Solar Charger with PowerIQ™ Technology


  Charging your batteries via the unlimited resource of solar energy doesn’t have to be a cumbersome and expensive process. Though many solar panels can be bulky and cost a fortune, there are units available that will provide you with all the power you need for a fraction of the cost and size of most panels. In this overview, I’ll take a look at a portable and affordable unit of particularly impressive power and quality—the    What to Look For...
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My Review of the Suntactics Power Outage Kit


  My Suntactics Power Outage Kit Overview   Power outages can be frightening and frustrating. Though there are sources of light and warmth that can run without electricity (if you’ve got the right supplies) a loss of power still robs you of the vast majority of the comforts you’ve undoubtedly grown accustomed to. With an inexpensive solar charger, however, you can retain a few of comforts even when your wall outlet is stone dead.   In this overview, I’ll take...
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My Review of the Poweradd™ High Efficiency 14W Foldable Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger


  Here’s My Review of the Poweradd™ High Efficiency 14W Foldable Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger  If there is one drawback to being so accustomed to electricity and the devices it powers it’s having to do without it when your adventure takes you somewhere that’s electrical outlet-free. Even if you don’t plan on spending your entire camping trip on your phone, having the ability to maintain an emergency line of contact, or the ability to capture breathtaking photos, is an...
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