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Anytime you embark on a road trip, peace of mind and convenience go hand in hand in ensuring that your travels go smooth and hassle-free.

This is why having a device that is able to both jumpstart your car’s battery and keep your personal devices such as cell-phones and laptops completely charged is such a useful innovation.

In this review, I’ll take a look at the Brightech SCORPION, a charger small enough to fit in your hand yet packing enough capability to keep both your vehicle and your device up and running at all times, as well as a host of other useful (and potentially lifesaving features) that makes the SCORPION one of the most innovative and unique chargers I have had the chance to review.


What to Look For When Purchasing a Portable Charger

In order to ensure that the device you purchase will go above and beyond your expectations, there are a few important factors to consider before purchasing a portable charger.

These are:



To best analyze the effectiveness of the Brightech SCORPION, this review will focus on how the charger performs in each of these key areas.




The Multi-Tool of Portable Chargers

Based on the number of capabilities and features alone, the SCORPION is by far one of the top most impressive chargers on the market today.

To start, it is able to jump start the battery in any vehicle from a compact motorcycle to a V-8 truck, eliminating any fear of being stranded due to a dead battery no matter what you drive.

Besides connecting to and jumping a 12-volt battery the Brightech SCORPION can connect via its on-board power port to your laptop, smartphone, camera, kindle, and any other electronic device that supports USB connectivity.

Lastly, the SCORPION also comes with a bright, built-in flashlight that is capable of sending out SOS distress signals.

Many portable chargers are rarely ever needed, but with the SCORPION, when you’re not using it to get your car running again, you can put it to use as both a light and as a multipurpose charger, adding an extra dimension of value to this item that sets it apart from other jump starters on the market.


Palm-Sized Performance

The Brightech SCORPION is marketed as being the smallest jump starter and personal power supply of all time, and even at first glance it’s easy to see that this may very well be the case.

The entire charger is barely larger than a person’s hand, making it portable enough to stow most anywhere in your vehicle without hassle. 

Using the SCORPION is an equally simple process.

Just connect either the jumper clamps or any one of the seven USB adapters to whatever device or battery you’re wanting to charge/jump and press the power button.

Charging your phone and jumping your battery is as simple as that.

With the dual convenience of portability and ease of use, taking the Brightech SCORPION on the road and putting to work are both simple and hassle-free.


Robust Construction

Despite its compact size, the SCORPION is a surprisingly durable device.

The long-lasting, 44Wh battery only requires recharging every six months.

Along with this, the hard-plastic shell and padded leather carrying case protects the SCORPION against accidental knocks, ensuring it will be functioning for many years to come.


How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

The SCORPION is listed on the Brightech website as costing $170, however, Amazon currently has it on sale for less.

There, you can purchase the SCORPION making them the best deal I could find on this charger.

Price Disclaimer:  Prices at Amazon change everyday.  The current price displayed is representative only.

Please click the Amazon button for todays current discounted price.


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What’s Included



Does it Include a Warranty?

Yes, the Brightech SCORPION comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty.


What Others Are Saying

The SCORPION is very well reviewed, achieving a 4.9 out of 5 star average on

Here are what a few satisfied customers had to say about this charger:



Any complaints?

Complaints about the SCORPION have been few and far between.

Some customers did say they received a defective model, however, Brightech was quick to replace it with a fully functioning device in each of these cases.


Where Can You Buy the Brightech SCORPION Car Jump Starter and Battery Charger?

The best place to purchase the SCORPION is from Amazon.

They offer the lowest price on this kit, will ship it for free, and have excellent customer service.


todays deal


Where Can You Read More Reviews of the Brightech SCORPION Car Jump Starter and Battery Charger?

If you would like to learn more about the SCORPION and hear from customers who have used this kit, you can go to Amazon.

At the time of this writing, there were fifty-five reviews there.

Click here to read them.


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  • daniel mckinnon says:

    I have had my device for approxmently 4 months, I bought the unit as a back up on my boat, However I have used it on cars 3 times, yes it did start them, BUT it completely drained the Unit,on EACH car jump, it does work well on my electronic gadgets, Maybe I got a weak unit??I will use this device a few more times before rating it, I do like the fact it has a tough case and multiple uses, Thank you for you time, I hope this helps

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