My Review of the Go Power! GP-RV-80 80-Watt Solar Kit with 30 Amp Digital Regulator


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Harnessing the near limitless energy that shines down every day from the sun is an inexpensive and efficient way to power and charge your electronic devices, particularly at locations where electrical outlets are in short supply.

With that said, if you are going to rely on solar energy for your next outing, you will need a solar kit that you can trust.

While many models are inefficient and fragile, there are a few gems on the market that will provide you with all the power you need and more. In this review, I’m going to take a look at one of these models, the Go Power! GP-RV-80 80-Watt Solar Kit, and discuss what sets it so apart from its competition.  


What to Look For When Purchasing a Solar Kit

When purchasing a solar kit, there are a few important factors you will need to consider in order to ensure that you get the most value for your money. These are:



To better understand why the GP-RV-80 is such an astounding kit, this review will focus on how it performs in each of these three areas.




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81m+TP79NDL._SL1500_ (1)Stellar Functions

In theory, harnessing energy from the sun is as easy as standing out in the daylight, but in order for a solar kit to be able to properly provide you with on the go electricity, it’s going to have to employ some innovative technological advancements.

Fortunately, the GP-RV-80 is in no shortage of these.

To start, one of the most easy-to-appreciate functions of the GP-RV-80 is its ability to produce power even in overcast weather, meaning that you’ll never be left powerless should an unexpected blanket of storm clouds roll through.

In prime conditions, the GP-RV-80’s high efficiency, polycrystalline panel is able to provide an impressive 4.6 Amps of charge per hour to your battery.

This amount of current is easily enough to let you run multiple devices, including laptops, refrigerators, lights, and anything else you might need, off of your camper or other vehicle’s battery without draining it at all.

This, combined with the GP-RV-80’s portability, makes this one the best units I’ve had the chance to review for anyone looking for a portable, sustainable source of electric power.

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81m+TP79NDL._SL1500_ (1)Pure and Simple Design

While choosing to harness solar energy is certainly a cutting-edge choice, putting together a solar kit shouldn’t take cutting edge ability.

The good news, especially for those who are less technologically inclined, is that most solar kits are fairly simple to employ.

Upon analyzing the Go Power! GP-RV-80, it becomes clear that the makers of this kit went out of their way to ensure assembling it for operation was easier than ever before.

All of the necessary mounting hardware comes include with this kit, and easy to follow directions guide you through the entire process of setting the panel up and connecting it to your battery via the included twenty-five feet of UV resistant cable.

From there, using the GP-RV-80 is as simple as letting the sun do its work.

As mentioned, the Go Power! GP-RV-80 is also quite portable, especially considering the amount of power it provides.

Weighing just twenty-five pounds, this kit is plenty light enough to pack along no matter how excluded the excursion.


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81m+TP79NDL._SL1500_ (1)Quality Construction

Solar panels have a bad reputation for being terribly fragile, and while many of them are, some designs are able to take a normal amount of knocks quite well.

The GP-RV-80 is one of these panels.

Each part of the kit is made out of industrial grade materials to ensure strength and durability, resulting in a panel that Go Power! stands by enough to offer an impressive twenty-five year warranty on the kit.


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How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

The list price for the Go Power! GP-RV-80 solar kit is $857, however, Amazon offers this kit for much less.

There, you can purchase the GP-RV-80 for a 20% discount (price subject to change), and have the kit shipped for free as well.


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What’s Included



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Does it Include a Warranty?

Yes, the Go Power! GP-RV-80 solar kit comes with a twenty-five year manufacturer’s warranty.


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What Others Are Saying

The GP-RV-80 is very well reviewed on Amazon, achieving a perfect five star rating.

Here are what a few satisfied customers had to say about this kit:



Any complaints?

Among the customers who have reviewed the GP-RV-80 , there are almost no complaints to be found, though one customer did say that the unit took quite a bit of time to install.





Where Can You Buy the Go Power! GP-RV-80 80-Watt Solar Kit?

The best place to purchase the GP-RV-80 is from Amazon. They offer the lowest price on this kit, will ship it for free, and have excellent customer service.

See the latest price here


Where Can You Read More Reviews of the Go Power! GP-RV-80 80-Watt Solar Kit?

If you would like to learn more about the GP-RV-80 and hear from customers who have used this kit, you can go to Amazon. Click here to read their reviews.


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