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Antigravity Batteries MicroStart PPS XP-1 – Amazingly Cool!

Here’s my Review of the Antigravity Batteries MicroStart PPS XP-1 Multi-Function Automotive Jump Starter / Personal Power Supply The automobile starting battery is a device that most people rarely even think of. That is, until it’s late at night on the shady side of town and the only thing they hear when they turn their key is still, ominous silence. Or, you wake up early camping in the desert only to find your truck, bike, or ATV won’t start. (Seriously...
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Twincharged FA20 on the Dyno

  WTF-86 Twincharged FA20, engine run-in on dyno Want to know what raw power sounds like? Have a look at this video.   Orignally published on Oct 14, 2014  by: http://www.streetfx.com.au I hope you enjoyed that!