Allstart 555 Camo Pro Pac Review


allstart-5550-1-e1394746903132In this Allstart 555 Camo Pro Pac Review, we will look at it’s top features, customer review summery, where to buy, and our thumbs up (or down).

This battery Jump Starter with AC Inverter can generate up to 1700 peak amperes.

This power is combined with a 300 Watt inverter that can be used to power a number of items including tools, spotlights, pumps, cell phones, and laptops.

This unit is incredibly reliable as it only needs to be charged about every 40th usage. This product can be used to start vehicles as well and is capable of delivering 1700 peak amperes and 300 cold-cranking amperes.

It is well protected from the elements with a heat and cold resistant case, making it possible to use this product in all potential weather elements.

The Allstart 555 Camo Pro Pac Features:

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555 Camo Pro Pac

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Allstart 555 Camo Pro Pac Review Summery:

555 camo pac 5There is no better way to make a decision on a purchase then to see how others who have purchased and used the unit would rate its effectiveness and productivity.

There are several reviews available on this particular unit, nearly every one of which is incredibly positive. This product has been given the best possible rating from most of the consumers who reviewed the unit.

One of the most common notes on this product is that it seems to be incredible reliable and long lasting.

One reviewer even stated that they had owned the product for over ten years and it was still as reliable as the day they first used it. The charge is also touted as lasting a very long time.

Next, many consumers have noted the convenience of having the inverter to help run small things such as a cell phone or a phone charger.

This unit can be used when power fails, even for use with a portable tv or dvd player. This unit can be used for fishing and campout trips, power outages, and cookouts.

555 camo pac 6There is no limit to the usages for this product, according to those who have purchased and used it. Most consumers also stated that the safety features were incredibly useful, especially the fact that the battery cannot be overcharged.





Given the incredible reviews on this product, it is easy to strongly recommend it.

It seems that every consumer to review this unit had something overwhelmingly positive to say about it. It is useful not just to jump start batteries but can also come in handy during power outages or to charge or power up dead electronic devices.

That being said, there are also a number of safety features that come standard with this unit to ensure that just about anyone can use it.

There is no need to have any experience with batter charging or operations to use this unit.

That being said, this product cannot be recommended enough, even for the average consumer just looking for a power source back-up for emergencies.


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Where To Buy

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