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Bestek 300 WattLet’s face it, we are a mobile society, and our gadgets need to be as mobile as we are.

But what happens when our gadgets run out of power?  Fortunately, we can keep on the go with power inverters like the Bestek Power Inverter.

Wherever you happen to be, you need not let power be an issue.  Just plug in your cell phone or laptop and let it recharge through a power inverter.

You can have power as long as you have gas in your car!

In this Bestek 300w Power Inverter review I take a look at the capabilities, the features, the customer reviews, our recommendation, and where to buy.



The Bestek Power Inverter Main Features

Bestek delivers 300 Watts of Power

bestek 300 watt 2Will this Bestek run what you need?

Well let’s take a look.  The Bestek Power Inverter has 2, 110 volt outlets and 2, USB ports.

The best way to size a power inverter is to add up all the watts of all the devices you plan to run on the inverter, then add about 10%.

Usually, you can find the wattage of a device engraved or on a sticker somewhere on the back or bottom of a device.  You will also most likely have to convert the amp rating to watts.

I highlighted my Iphone charger below

Iphone Charger

As an example my Iphone wall outlet charger has an amp rating of .15 amps at 110 volts. 

The conversion formula is Amps x Volts = Watts.

…So, in my case .15 amps x 110 volts = 16.5 watts.

My laptop is 1.6 amps.

1.6 amps x 110 volts = 176 watts

Add the watts together I have 192.5 watts total.  Add a 10% safety margin of 19.25 watts.

I should look for an inverter that can handle 211.75 watts.

So,  if I were to utilize one of the 110 volt sockets on this inverter to plug in my cell phone charger, and the other to plug in my laptop charger I would be putting a total load of 210 watts.

Still well within the capacity of the Bestek inverter which is rated at 300 watts, 350 watts maximum with a peak watt rating of 700 watts.

Basically, what that means is you should normally only load the Bestek inverter down to 300 watts, but you have 50 watts of wiggle room, and the inverter can handle up to a 700 watt power spike.


bestek 300 watt outlets


Bestek Incorporates 2 USB 1 Amp/2.1 Amp Ports

The Bestek Power Inverter also features two 5 volt USB ports supplying a total of 3.1 amps.  One port at 2.1 amps and the other at 1 amp.

What these specs are comparable to is typically a USB port from a PC will deliver .5 amps.  The Iphone charger will deliver 1 amp.

So, if you plug your Iphone directly into the inverter’s 2.1 amp USB port, your phone will charge up twice as fast.

The inverters 1 amp USB port has the same amperage as the Iphone wall charger, and the 2.1 amp USB port is the same as an Ipad wall charger.

You can plug your Iphone or Ipad, directly into these USB ports freeing up the 110 volt outlets for something else.  This inverter is currently available at a 37% discount over at Amazon

Price Disclaimer:  Current price changes daily on  The current price shown is representative only.

For today’s current discounted price, please press the Amazon button below.


Bestek 300w Power Inverter Features

Rated Power: 300W
Max. Power: 350W
Peak Power: 700W
Input Voltage: 11-15VDC
Output Voltage: 100V/110V
Output Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
USB Output: 5VDC 1A cont. It can charge an iPod, iPhone
Converter Efficiency: >90%
Protections: Short circuit, overload, over temperature, low battery voltage, over battery voltage
Indicator: Dual color LED(Green~operation, Red~shutdown)
Over Voltage Shutdown: DC15V-16V
Low Voltage Shutdown: DC10V-11V


Bestek Customer Review Summery

At the time of this writing there were 741 customer reviews at Amazon.  The customer reviews were overwhelmingly positive for the Bestek device, with an average rating of 4.3 stars.

Many customers stated that the Bestek unit worked perfectly to run all their devices like DVD players and Ipads.

Here’s what other verified customers are saying:

There were a few detractors, so let’s look at the main detractor here.

The main complaint that people had with the Bestek unit was that the cooling fan stayed on continually allowing for an extra draw on the car’s battery, and fan noise.

If you were running the Bestek inverter on a battery other than your car’s battery this may be a consideration for you. The fan draws about .30 amps.  This would not be an issue for a car battery, but may be for smaller power systems.

The noise the Bestek fan makes was a detractor for some customers, but they noted that they would hardly notice it with the radio on or while driving.  In a camping situation, inside a tent, the fan noise might be a problem.

Read more customer reviews here

customer reviews


Even with the fan complaints the majority of the Bestek reviews were overwhelmingly positive. 

One customer even used the Bestek unit to power up his CPAC during a power outage.

From vacations to road trips customers were satisfied with the Bestek inverter and would recommended the Bestek inverter to others.  Many saying it was worth the price they paid.


Based on the customer reviews and other research, I can highly recommend the Bestek 300w Power Inverter.


This Bestek power inverter delivers 300w of power through two 110 volt outlets and two USB ports, at a reasonable price.

You can find the Bestek inverter at  Click the button below for the lowest price.


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