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battery tender plus

I have used a number of battery chargers before and my initial assumption was that all chargers function the same way. I simply opted for any unit that I perceived as budget friendly. This was until I learned the hard way that not all charges are the same and some can even damage your battery as they do not have the capacity to regulate the charging. This compelled me to do some research and find the best chargers on the market, and that is when I landed high-performance and safe-to-use Battery Tender Plus charger.

What Do You Look for When Purchasing a Battery Charger?

While doing my research, I realized that there are certain important aspects to consider when shopping for a drill. They include;

  1. The ability to keep the battery safe
  2. Safety features
  3. The charging modes
  4. Portability
  5. The capacity and charging speed

Purchasing any charger you come across just because it is available or affordable can have detrimental effects on your battery and even your overall safety. I will try and explain the above qualities in relation to the Battery Tender Plus charger.

Battery Safety 

Do you always worry about overcharging your battery? If so, you need to look at this unit. Battery Tender plus is a 1.25 Amp high performance automatic battery charger that is designed to gently charge your battery to its full strength before switching to the maintenance or floating mode. This helps to ensure that the battery is kept at the proper storage voltage without overcharging or damaging it. The charger features the microprocessor unit, which assesses the state of the battery and automatically starts charging it in the right mode. This unique feature virtually allows you to “connect and forget” about your battery.

What Safety Features does it Posses?

If you are concerned about your safety when using a charger, this charger has a number of safety features which are meant to ensure optimal safety. For instance, it has spark-proof clamps as well as a reverse-polarity protection mechanism. This is a very essential safety feature, which prevents the unit from starting to charge when the clamps are placed on the wrong terminals. Without this feature trying to charge your battery with the wrong cable connection can ruin the battery or even lead to overheating, which can cause an explosion.

What Charging Modes Does the Unit Have? 

You no longer need to worry about the safety of your battery as the charger features a four-step charging program to ensure the battery is properly charged without any damage to it. The charging modes include the initialization, bulk charge, absorption as well as the float mode.


The best charger is one which can be transported from one place to another with ease. It is a lightweight and compact unit that has been designed to ensure easier portability.

How Fast Can it Charge and What is its Capacity?

This 12V and 1.25 Amp charger can handle any battery between 6 Volts to 12 Volts and can charge like a 3A charger or even faster.

How Much Do You Have to Pay for the Unit? 

If you have been dreaming of owing a high performance and yet budget friendly charger, than you have to look no further. At just $34.99, you can carry the unit home. If you want it shipped to you then you should expect to only pay $41.96 and the same shall be dropped to your doorstep.

What is Included in the Whole Package?

In the package you will get;

  1. A 12V 1.25 Amp battery tender plus charger True Gel Cell Model
  2. A 6 feet AC power-cord with a standard three-prong plug
  3. 58-inch/6 feet DC cord with connectors

Does it come with a Warranty?

The unit has a 10-year warranty, which guarantees you long-term service as you can always take it back for replacement or repair if it becomes faulty.

What are Other People Saying about the Product?

The product has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon and has quite a number of positive review, they include:

  1. “Seems to work well, just got it.”
  2. “Fine product, no problem whatsoever”
  3.  “The best. Do not waste money on cheap knockoffs.”

Any Complaints?

There are very few complaints about this charger. For instance, one customer complained that it stopped working after six months. This can be rectified by keeping it under the best conditions and avoiding any form of misuse.

Where Can You Purchase It?

Besides getting it from the local stores, this product can be purchased from on online sites like Amazon and eBay. Amazon seems to have the best price inclusive of the shipping. You can click here to view it on Amazon.



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