My Review of the NOCO Genius GEN3 30 Amp 3-Bank Waterproof Smart On-Board Battery Charger


Here are my thoughts on the NOCO Genius GEN3 30 Amp 3-Bank Waterproof Smart On-Board Battery Charger

As bad as getting stranded in a car is, finding out the battery on your boat has gone dead when you’re in the middle of the lake is arguably much worse.

I’d rather have to walk for help than swim for it any day.

With that in mind, a battery charger that will charge a boat battery (and survive the much harsher conditions that being stored in a boat will throw at it) is a highly important emergency device for anyone who spends any serious amount of time on the water.

Fortunately, there are some great options out there that are durable, effective, and affordable.

In this review, I’ll take a look at one such option that I think is the best and most versatile choice available, so much so that I’m actually quite excited to review the outstandingly effective NOCO Genius GEN3 On-Board battery charger.


What to Look For When Purchasing a Jump Starter

While many chargers are capable of jumping a boat battery, very few are capable of surviving for very long under the watery assault that being stored in a boat causes.

In order to make sure you get a charger that will last and perform at the highest possible level, there are a few important things to consider. These are:

To better understand these factors and why I think the Genius GEN3 performs outstandingly in each of them, this review will analyze the Genius in regards to each one.



Surviving Sand and Surf

Most battery chargers aren’t even waterproof, much less durable enough to stand up to a large amount of water-based abuse, making them vastly lacking when it comes to something you want to take onboard with you.

Thankfully, the Genius GEN3 is contained within a 100% percent waterproof seal that is rated at IP68—an ingress protection rating that means the seal achieved a six out of six possible score on protecting against solid particles and an eight out eight possible score for protecting against water.

This ranking means that the Genius GEN3 could survive being submersed in two-meters of water for sixty minutes without compromising its internal components.

On top of this, and just as important, the Genius GEN3 is safe to have on the water as well.

It generates no sparks and is made to safeguard against reverse battery hookup, short circuit, open circuit, overheat, overcurrent, and overcharging the battery.

Able to stand up to all the water and grime a backwater lake can throw and stay user-safe the entire time, the Genius GEN3 is strides above the competition in regards to marine durability.


A Multipurpose Device

While charging marine batteries is certainly the primary purpose of the Genius GEN3, its capabilities don’t stop there.

On top of charging boat batteries, the Genius is also able to charge any batteries in the range of 25Ah to 230Ah, making it suited for batteries typically found on ATV’s, UTV’s, generators, tractors, and golf carts.

At 11.6 pounds, the Genius GEN3 is plenty portable enough to transfer from place to place, making it wonderfully easy to transport the device out of your boat and use it to charge the battery on any one of the above machines.

Its durability aside, it is this portability and versatility that really sets the Genius GEN3 apart from most marine battery chargers.




Charge Like a Pro

No matter how much abuse it can take or how versatile it is, a marine battery charger isn’t worth a dime if it doesn’t effectively charge your batteries.

Fortunately, the Genius GEN3 does this and much more. All you have to do is plug in the device and let its smart processor automatically determine the correct battery-charging process.

No worries, and no hassle.

Along with this, the GEN3’s Rapid Charging Technology allows it to charge a battery 2X faster than traditional battery chargers.

Easy-to-use, effective, and fast are the three descriptions to look for in any charger and certainly can be used to describe the NOCO Genius GEN3.


How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

The Genius GEN3 is listed on NOCO’s website for $269.95, however, Amazon currently offers it for a little less. On Amazon, you can purchase the GEN3 at at a discounted price. Also, Amazon offers to ship this item for free.


What’s Included

For more information click here


Does it Include a Warranty?

Yes, the NOCO Genius GEN3 on-board battery charger comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


What Others Are Saying

The NOCO Genius GEN3 is very well reviewed on Amazon, earning a 4.4 out 5 star average out of 173 reviews. Here are what a few satisfied users had to say:


Any complaints?

One complaint regarding the Genius GEN3 is that when it is used to maintain a boat’s battery, it only charges every 24 hrs.

This means that if you drain a lot of power from your boat during that period of time then you may run your battery dead before the charger has a chance to recharge it.

With a little precaution, however, this inconvenience is easy enough to avoid.


Where Can You Buy the NOCO Genius GEN3 30 Amp 3-Bank Waterproof Smart On-Board Battery Charger?

The best place to purchase the NOCO Genius GEN3 is from Amazon.

They currently offer the best price on the charger and they ship for free.


todays deal


Where Can You Read More Reviews of the NOCO Genius GEN3 30 Amp 3-Bank Waterproof Smart On-Board Battery Charger?

The best place to read the opinions of people who have used the Genius GEN3 o-board charger is on Amazon. Click here to read their reviews.


customer reviews


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