My Review of the Progressive Dynamics (PD9280V) 80 Amp Power Converter with Charge Wizard

Product Review

With RV’s there are two things that are usually true.


Number one, most all of them already come with a power converter.


Number two, this power converter almost always has to be eventually replaced.


Whether it goes bad or it was simply inadequate from the start, if you own your RV for very long, you are going to sooner or later find yourself in the market for a new power converter.


This brings up an important question: which power converter is the best choice in regards to affordability, longevity, and functionality?


In this review, I’m going to talk about the power converter that I think is the answer to that question, the Progressive Dynamics PD9280V.


What to Look For When Purchasing a Power Converter

Before you go out and purchase a replacement power converter, you’ll want to make sure and consider a few important points in order to avoid getting a cheaply made converter that won’t even last as long as your old one.

These are:

  • Life Expectancy
  • Functionality
  • Ease of Instillation

To better understand why I think the PD9280V stacks up so well in each of these areas, we’ll take an in-depth look at the various features and specifications of the converter that give it an edge in each one.

Special Features
  • Recharge your RV’s battery to 90 percent in 2-3 hours
  • 3 charging modes
  • Boost Mode: Rapidly brings battery up to 90 percent
  • Normal Mode: Safely completes or maintains
  • Storage Mode: Maintains with minimal gassing
  • 80 Amps
  • Built-in Charge Wizard
According to the literature, most converters only have one charging mode at 13.6 volts.

The problem with only one charging mode is that many times this can lead to over charging and boiling out your RV’s battery.

Not so with the PD9280V which has 3 charging modes. Boost mode, Normal mode and Storage mode.

The big benefit here is better battery charging, faster battery charging, and safer battery charging.

More on this in the review section.

Pros and Cons
  • 80 Amp Converter
  • 3 Charging Modes
  • 90% Charge in 2 to 3 Hours
  • Easy To Install
  • Additional purchase of a 20 amp receptacle may be required.
Overall Rating
Product Review



This is the primary edge that high-quality power converters like the PD9280V have over the cheaper stock models.


They are simply made so much better, and their average life expectancy is so much longer.


While complaints about some power converters lasting only a few years abound, I wasn’t able to find any complaints about the PD9280V breaking down at all, much less wearing out within the first couple years of use.


In fact, the general consensus on this power converter seems to be that it will last for many, many years.


This, combined with the PD9280V’s solid construction and quality electronics, leads me to believe that the life expectancy of the PD9280V is far better than most converters, even those that cost much more.


Lastly, the Progressive Dynamics PD9280V comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty, meaning that even if you do experience an issue with the converter within your first couple years of purchase, there’s no need for concern.


Like the Energizer Bunny


Upon examination, one thing quickly becomes clear about the PD9280V: it charges well, and it charges fast.


Indeed, this power converter comes with more helpful features and designs to keep your RV batteries properly charged and maintained than any converter I have looked into before.


For one, the PD9280V comes with a Boost mode that can rapidly bring a battery’s charge up to 90%, a Normal mode that safely completes and maintains the charge, and a Storage mode that maintains the charge during periods of non- use without any gassing or water loss.


While most converters only have one charging mode (which can lead to longer charging periods and battery boil-off) the PD9280V PD9280V’s Charge Wizard automatically determines and selects the optimum mode from the three listed above, leading to a perfect and swift charge every time.


Another nice feature of the PD9280V that most power converters do without is a remote indicator, letting you know the status of the charge.


An Easy Switch


Anytime you’re dealing with electronics, what first seems like an easy instillation can quickly turn into hours of headache.


Thankfully, replacing your old power converter with the PD9280V is an extremely easy operation.


Simply move all of the wiring from your old unit and replace into the exact same positions on the new one.


It’s a fix that generally takes less than ten minutes, making the PD9280V as easy to use as it is effective.

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Like the Energizer Bunny
An Easy Switch

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?


The Progressive Dynamics PD9280V is available on a variety of different sites, ranging in price from $203 all the way up to $414.


From my research, however, Amazon currently has the best price on the PD9280V. It sells there for a 48% discount, and they offer to ship it for free.


What’s Included


One Progressive Dynamics (PD9280V) 80 Amp Power Converter with Charge Wizard


Does it Include a Warranty?


Yes, the Progressive Dynamics PD9280V comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.


What Others Are Saying


The PD9280V is very well reviewed on Amazon, achieving a 4.6 out of 5 star average there.


Here are a few quotes from customers who have been highly pleased with the PD9280V.


    • “Million times better than the charger that the RV came with.”


    • “I had no problem installing and it worked as described”


    • “I would recommend this unit to anyone who needs a robust charger for a bank of batteries”


    • “Easy to install and perfect in every way so far. Super quiet and the included pendant makes it easy to monitor”


    • “The installation was easy and the performance is exactly right”


    • “Did a lot of research on converters and I’m glad I chose this one!!”



Any complaints?


One thing to note about the PD9280V is that it requires a 20 amp circuit and comes with a non-standard plug, meaning that if this is not taken into account ahead of time you may have some issues getting it properly connected.


Have a look at a 20 amp plug here.










Where Can You Buy the Progressive Dynamics Power Converter?


The best place to purchase the PD9280V is from Amazon.


They have the best price on this power converter, excellent customer service, and they offer to ship it for free.


Where Can You Read More Reviews of the Progressive Dynamics Power Converter?


If you would like to hear more about what people who have used the Progressive Dynamics PD9280V power converter have had to say, the best place to go is Amazon.


There are currently twenty-five customer reviews on the PD9280V there. Click here to read them.


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