Portable Jump Starter Comparison Chart

Clore Automotive Comparison Chart

Check Out These Jump Starters From Clore Automotive

Name/Image: Brand:Rating:Amps:Voltage(s):




  • JNC300XLJNC300XL
  • Clore JNC-660Clore JNC-660
  • Jump-N-Carry JNCAIRJump-N-Carry JNCAIR
  • Jump-N-Carry JNC950 Jump StarterJump-N-Carry JNC950 Jump Starter
  • JNC1224JNC1224


Clore Automotive4.5 Star Average Rating 900 Peak and 225 CCA12V and Flashlightview pricefull review

Clore JNC-660

Clore Automotive5 Star Average Rating 170012view pricefull review

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR

Clore Automotive4.5 Star Average Rating 1700 Peak and 425 CCA12V and Tire Inflatorview pricefull review

Jump-N-Carry JNC950 Jump Starter

Clore Automotive4.5 Star Average Rating 2000 Peak and 950 CCA12Vview pricefull review


Clore Automotive4.5 Star Average Rating 340012/24view pricefull review

In this portable jump starter comparison chart I have listed all the models with their features from Clore Automotive. With this comparison chart and a little explanation you should be able to choose the most appropriate portable power booster pack for your application. Being a professional in the industry for over 30 years now, I look for professional grade products that make sense to purchase. After reviewing several brands I have decided to focus on Clore Automotive portable power jump packs.

Why I Prefer Clore Automotive Portable Power Jump Packs

Clore Automotive was founded in 2001 but with all of it’s other brands it has a combined heritage of over 50 years. Some of the brands include Booster PAC, Jump-N-Carry, SOLAR, Christie, VIPER and T-TECH. They are a solid company listed with BBB. Clore Automotive was also named Mac Tools’ Supplier of the Year in 2013. These jumper packs by Clore are solid, quality, professional grade jumpers – but not so heavy duty or cumbersome for the average person to handle or use.

jnc950What To Look For In A Portable Power Jump Pack

There are a number of things to consider when purchasing a portable power jump box.  Quality is the first thing. I recommend Clore Automotive portable power jump packs because of their commitment to quality and customer care. Beyond that, the most important item to consider is the cranking amps of the unit. Look at the following list for a general guide on engine size, and what average starter motor power draw is for each engine size.

Also keep in mind cold weather starting can add as much as 60% more starter power draw, while a lead-acid battery can lose more than 50% of it’s cold cranking amps. This would include any portable jump starter that is keep in the same cold weather, like the trunk of your car. Under most conditions, where temperature is moderate something like the JNC660 Portable Power Starter with 450 cranking amps would work just fine. For 8 cylinder diesel engines the JNC950 Portable Power starter would be a better choice.

jnc660featuredThe Difference Between Peak Amp and Cranking Amp Ratings

For the layman, when we talk about amps I am referring to the electrical power any device can deliver. Car batteries are designed to be good at two main things, starting and deep cycling.  Therefore batteries are of two basic types, starting or deep cycle. Starting motors would draw far more electrical power (amps) when first cranking over an engine. After the engine is spinning a bit, the electrical power (amps) draw goes way down. For most cars, the battery is designed with this in mind. Essentially, a high power draw (amps) followed by a lower power draw (amps) to start an engine. Car batteries designed this way would have a good kick to get things moving in the beginning, but not as much to keep things moving if your car doesn’t start right away.  In other words, the starting battery would go flat sooner than would a deep cycle battery. A deep cycle car battery is better at keeping things moving for a longer time.  Most cars are equipped with a starting car battery, while standby generators, hobby craft, and marine engines are better served with a deep cycle battery.

How does that play into choosing the best portable jump starter for my application?

It boils down to this.  Your car’s starter needs a quick burst of power (peak amps) followed by a decent flow of power (cranking amps).  The highest peak amps and cranking amps your budget will allow is the best choice. If you look at the comparison chart above you can see that the JNC950 Portable Starter and the Portable Starter give the most peak amps followed by cranking amps. If your application is more large  hobby craft, standby diesel engines, farming equipment and marine, the JNCXF Portable Jump Pack and Portable Jump Pack[/easyazon_link] provide more deep cycling capability. A compromise size would be the JNC660 Portable Booster Pack, and that’s probably why it is currently the best seller. In my opinion, the JNC950 Portable Jump Pack is the best choice.  It will give you plenty of amps in cold weather and is not super heavy at 34 lbs. If weight is a consideration drop down to the JNC660 which comes in at 18 lbs.

If you would like a personal recommendation for your specific application you can email me at eddie@carbatteryhelp.com.  I would be happy to give you my thoughts.


Other Considerations

The only other considerations would be whether your application requires frequent filling of tires.  In this case the only portable booster with an air compressor is the JNCAir Portable Jumper Pack. It is equivalent to the JNC660 Portable Jumper Pack but sports the air compressor feature. Cable length may be a consideration if you need extra long reach to get to your battery.  Not really a problem with cars, but in certain situation the battery may be some distance to where you have to place the jumper pack. Cable length on these Clore portable products range from 23″ to 68″.  Again, in my opinion 23″ would be too short, while the JNC950 (my choice) is twice as long at 46″. Lighting is a nice feature but not necessary because all the models have a 12 volt socket where you can purchase separately a 12 volt drop light.  The only unit with a lighting feature is the JNC300XL Portable Booster. Althought, the JNC300XL is the smallest of the bunch, it still can get you out of jam, and may be a good choice for small to mid size vehicles.   Click here for an interesting testimonial. All JNC models feature an automatic recharge feature.  This allows you to recharge your JNC and forget about it.  The recharger will simply shut off and move into a maintainer or float mode.

One important consideration and may be a deal breaker for some is, these units do not have a reverse hook up safety alarm.  Not a big deal if you know what you are doing, but I would not recommend this product to someone with limited mechanical knowledge or experience.

A reverse hook up can result in a car fire or cause the battery to explode. Here’s a quick safety video from Clore Automotive.


In Review

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