My Review of the Schumacher 200 Amp Battery Charger


Schumacher 200 amp Battery Charger and Tester

Schumacher 200 amp Battery ChargerThe Schumacher 200 Amp Battery Charger and Tester offers several different enhancements to ensure a high performance and increased life.

One of the selling points of this manual wheeled battery charger is that is offers a wider range of charger rates that its competition does not and it can help in fleet operations.

It can analyze both starting system problems as well as electrical issues.

With such incredible power, the Schumacher 200 Amp Battery Charger and Tester can charge a battery in just 1-3 hours and a 12 volt batter in just 2-12 hours.





Schumacher SE- 4022 2/10/40/200 Battery Charger Features and Specifications:




Schumacher SE- 4022 2/10/40/200 Battery Charger Reviews

This product has received a number of very high ratings from customers who have purchased and used the Schumacher 200 Amp Battery charger.

Most reviewers commented on the high quality of the product, noting that there should be no anticipation that it will need to be replaced any time soon.

Many customers also stated that the charger was great for the cost, meaning that the value was very high for this product. One of the biggest advantages to this product, according to consumers, was the easiness and simplicity of using the product.

schumacher se 4022 battery charger reviewOthers also stated that the product was very well constructed and holds up to the elements, even in very cold weather.

Other consumers also commented on the idea that the charger is manual and not a smart or automatic charger, which is something that consumers should consider before purchasing.

This charger does not have a shut-off but that is because the charger is a manual charger as opposed to an automatic or smart charger. However, this charger does offer a timer to regulate the length of time it is used to charge a battery.


Another advantage to this product, as discovered in customer reviews, is that the charger has a great deal of power and can charge a battery quickly and easily which makes this product a great emergency manual charger. It also makes it user friendly for nearly every consumer.

The only negative reviewed given on this product related back to the tester which was regarded as a simple voltmeter.

That being said, even reviews which were critical of this feature were positive overall. There are some critical reviews of this product but they are minimal and are heavily outweighed by the high ratings received in most other reviews.


For consumers who are sure they are looking for a manual charger, this may be the right product. That being said, it is safe to recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable and easy to operate manual charger at a decent price and with a high value for the money spent.

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I hope you found this information on the Schumacher 200 amp battery charger useful!

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