The Micro Start Max 38 | The Strongest Micro Start Yet



Antigravity Batteries is still in the testing phase of this new Micro Start jumper.

Word on the street is that it will be available for purchase in the fall of 2015.

The retail price is rumored to be around $250.


Will it be worth it?

Well, according to the specs. this jumper is going to be rated at double the capacity and 200 amps more power than the AG-XP-10 USB.

It will have all the features and capabilities of the AG-XP-10, with just a whole lot more whoop ass you can unleash on those dead batteries!

Still no word of the actual size or weight of the unit, but I would imaging that at 800 peak amps it will probably be twice the size of the XP-10.


Will older models be obsolete?

Each model of Micro Start jump starter has its own uniqueness and is applicable for certain applications.

If you never plan to jump anything bigger than the average dirt bike the smaller and cheaper models will do the job.

What the new Max 38 will be able to do is start larger truck sized engines and diesels.


Another reason to own any of Micro Starts

Just when I thought I had every angle covered on this site as to the many advantages of owning a jumper, one more comes to light.

I recently realized that the five year old battery in my truck is starting to come to the end of its life.

You know the signs…slow turning over, barely kicks the engine over first thing in the morning.

So my plan is to continue using my battery until it won’t hold enough energy to start my truck.

At that point I will just use my XP-10 and head over to the parts store and replace the battery.

In this way, I have maximized the life of my battery without being stranded somewhere.

A sort of planned power failure to get the most functional life out of my trucks battery.


For now we wait

Well I guess all we can do for now is wait.

Soon, we all be able to see how MAX 38 look and perform and you can a review about it here on


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