The Stanley 500 Amp Jump Starter With Compressor



ST1000featuredI think that the Stanley 500 amp jump starter with compressor is one of the finest starters out there.


Before I tell you why, I want to provide a little context.


The number one enemy of your cars battery is heat.


I was reminded of this when my daughters car failed to turn over one morning.


The summer in my neck of the woods had been pretty warm, with several heat waves.


With weather like that the aging battery in my daughters car just didn’t stand a chance.


As I was getting her car started with a jumper, I noticed all her tires were looking a bit low.


Normally, I would have been dragging out my air compressor, trying to locate my extension cord, then wrestling with hose and cords around the vehicle to pump up the tires.


Well, let me tell you about a convenience I won’t do without anymore.


It’s the convenience of having a portable tire inflator built in to your portable battery jumper and power supply.


Not all jumpers have a tire inflators and not all tire inflators have jumpers.


Let me tell you about one jumper with compressor that I really like.


It’s the Stanley 500 amp jump stater with compressor.




Here’s a quick overview of the features of The Stanley 500 amp jump starter.

The Stanley 500 Amp Jump Starter With Compressor

Features & Benefits

  • Offers both 12-volt and USB outlets to charge personal electronics
  • High-powered LED light that rotates 270 degrees
  • Reverse polarity alarm to alert when there is an improper connection
  • Power and charge indicator
  • All Metal Powder Coated Clamps
  • Built- in 120V AC charger recharges unit with standard household extension cord


Let me elaborate on these features a little bit.


8162SrNH8ZL._SL1500_The Stanley 500 amp jump starter is fitted with both a USB and a 12 volt socket.


This is not only great to recharge cell phones and iPads, but the 12 volt is great for camping gear that run off of 12 volts.


For example a trouble light.


There are also many adapters for any device that will plug into a 12 volt socket.


81I0nwHKd9L._SL1431_The high powered light that can rotate 270 degrees is a big plus.


This means you can aim it to whatever you’re looking at and have your hands free.


Most tasks are complicated when your trying to handle a light source, like the one on you iPhone when your trying to hook up a jumper.


This light is bright and very convenient.


91ZD8T2zYuL._SL1500_One of the most sought after safety feature is the reverse connection alarm.


If you hook up any jumper in reverse, i.e. Hooking the positive to the negative and negative to the positive you can have an explosive result.


So the Stanley 500 has an alarm to tell you your hook ups are reversed before you turn the unit on.


91Nf5GGarTL._SL1500_The power and charge indicator simply lets you know when the unit is operating and charging normally.





91cTeK+kV-L._SL1500_On many jumpers the clamps are cheap and flimsy.


Not on the Stanley 500 amp jump starter.


The clamps are powder coated to help resist against battery corrosion.


They grip tight and have a good bite, which is important when jumping.


91Nf5GGarTL._SL1500_The system is recharged conveniently by simply plugging an extension cord to it.


The charge cycle is automatic and shuts off when the unit is fully charged.


The Stanley 500 boasts of having 500 cold cranking amps, and 1000 amps peak.


That’s pretty good, and should be able to turn over v8 engines, gas and diesel.



The Stanley 500 amp jump starter with compressor is also backed with a full one year warranty.



Overall, a good jump starter with compressor at a fair price.


Speaking of price, in a past post, I compared the price of leading jump starters with the amount of amps the units output.


A kind of cost per amp comparison.


The Stanley 500 amp jump starter proved to be the winner in that analysis.


Click here to see the results.


Here’s what a few past customers are saying.

“This thing is a life saver. Off of one charge, it’s jump started over five cars and one was an Avalanche with a stone dead battery. “


“Overall I spent $140 total on 2 of these and I’m really happy with the quality. They charge overnight easily, the indicator lights show you the charge remaining on the battery and it has power ports for 12volt and USB which is an added bonus.

If you need a jumpstarter I would definitely consider this one.”


“Came charged! Used it to inflate the tire of my truck that was completely flat. Then used it to JUMPSTART my 3.6L I6 engine without a problem and still had plenty of power left. One of the best purchases I have ever made.”


A Few Negatives

The only real draw back of the Stanley 500 is that it is big and comes in at 18lbs.


91vipJEXJRL._SL1500_The actual dimensions are 12.2x8x13.5 inches.






One other complaint was that the switch to operate the compressor is not well protected from accidental activation, and could run until the unit was drained.


91ZxJlw7EQL._SL1500_But other than that, the Stanley 500 amp starter is a well built jumper that has the added convenience of a built in tire inflator.




Which, btw, can be used for bikes and other items that require air inflation.


How Much Should You Pay

You don’t have to pay the MSRP of $99.00.


Amazon consistently offers the Stanley 500 amp jump starter for considerably cheaper.


Amazon is also cheaper than


And Amazon offers free shipping on this product.


Add the Stanley 500 amp jump starter with compressor to your Amazon cart here.



Or, read more about the Stanley 500 amp jump starter on Amazon’s product page here.


check it out


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